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Improving Additive Manufacturing Qualification with X-Ray Microscopy

Learn how X-ray microscopy can improve additive manufacturing by nondestructively analyzing manufactured components near-real-time.

Additive manufacturing is transforming modern fabrication capabilities. It enables the production of polymer and metallic components with complex shapes, geometries, and sizes. It can facilitate on-demand fabrication for a wide range of applications and industries and has redefined engineering and manufacturing possibilities.

However, additive manufacturing technologies are slow to be widely deployed in industrial settings. This has to do with part qualification and certification presenting major challenges. If these challenges are not properly addressed, the adoption and growth of additive manufacturing technologies will be hindered. These challenges are fundamentally rooted in the various aspects of the fabrication process leading to the formation of heterogeneous microstructures and nonuniform mechanical properties.  

Conventional qualification procedures, such as those related to non-destructive evaluation, are often inadequate to reliably detect geometric and non-geometric anomalies. This calls for faster advanced characterization techniques to provide process monitoring and non-destructive evaluation and to close the feedback loop for fabrication of defect-free manufactured components.  

In this webinar, you will learn how modern bench-top X-ray microscopy (XRM) tools can streamline process qualification requirements by nondestructively analyzing manufactured components near-real-time which can provide guidance for process corrections or adjustments to reduce or eliminate production errors. See examples and images captured from this technology and learn how it can provide savings in time, resources, and investment. 

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Discover the latest in benchtop XRM-uCT instrumentation for hi-definition 3D imaging analysis in the lab 
  • Learn which instruments can address your additive manufacturing problems and provide comprehensive quality control, quality assurance and failure analysis
  • Understand how XRM can satisfy Critical-to-Quality requirements like: 
    • Dimensional and Shape analysis 
    • Porosity, Cracks and Inclusion analysis
    • Surface Metrology analysis


Dave Sampson, PhD

Dave Sampson, PhD

XRM Product Specialist,

Bruker Corporation

David Sampson is the XRM Product Specialist with Bruker Corporation. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Phystics from San Diego State University, and his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Colorado State University.

Bryan DeVerse

Product Manager,

Quantum Analytics

Bryan is responsible for developing, consulting and supporting sales activities for spectroscopy product lines such as Infrared, UV-Vis, X-ray, Combustion Gas Analysis and more. Bryan also consults with clients to provide application support, method development as well as product training. Bryan’s experience includes 19 years of spectroscopy instrument focus providing sales & application support, method development and customer service support. His key to success is his ability to provide high level technical understanding to the low-tech, everyday common users, teaching complex concepts but in a manner that is simplified and useful.

On Demand Webinar

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Improving Additive Manufacturing Qualification with X-Ray Microscopy

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Improving Additive Manufacturing Qualification with X-Ray Microscopy

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