Molecular Spectroscopy

Expand your materials testing capabilities from lab to process. From routine quality control and assurance to complex research applications, we offer best-in-class Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman spectroscopy solutions.


Bruker MPA II Multi-Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer

The Bruker MPA II is a complete FT-NIR solution for daily QA/QC work and sophisticated method development studies.

Molecular Spectroscopy Instruments

Explore all our spectroscopy systems.


The Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer is ideal for everything from routine quality control to advanced research and regulation compliance.


The Bruker MATRIX-F FT-NIR spectrometer allows for direct measurement in process reactors and pipelines, leading to better process understanding and control.


The Bruker TANGO FT-NIR spectrometer offers high precision and straightforward operator guidance, making it ideal for industrial use


The Czitek SurveyIR FTIR Microscope offers the analytical power of an infrared microscope at the price point of a sample compartment accessory.