About Quantum Analytics

Who we are, what we do, and how can we help you expand the boundaries of your science?

Expand the Boundaries of your Analysis


Who is Quantum Analytics?

We are a value-added distributor of analytical instrumentation with strong expertise in gas chromatography, elemental analysis and molecular spectroscopy solutions.

What can Quantum do for me?

In short, we help you Expand the Boundaries of Your Analysis. Our extensive analytical instrumentation expertise enables us to address your unique challenges and build a cohesive plan for success.

How do you do that?

From the first application review to the installation sign-off, we’re your partner in scientific analysis. We offer the Solutions, Services and Support you need to take your business to the next level.

Can you elaborate?

Yes! We deliver value to clients beyond what is typically experienced with instrument distributors and manufacturers.
Our cross-platform integration, method development and other technical services have been enjoyed by scientists and chemists across a variety of industries – and have helped shape our business model.


• GC & GC/MS Systems

• Thermal Desorption

• Pyrolysis

• Benchtop XRF and XRD

• X-Ray Microscopy

• Optical Emission Spectroscopy

• Organic (CHNSO) & Inorganic

• Elemental Analysis

• TOC & Water Analysis

• N/Protein Analysis


• Benchtop FTIR and FTNIR

• FTIR & Raman Microscopy

• Real-Time Process FTIR & FTNIR

Addressing Your Application Challenges

•  Application Reviews

•  Feasibility Studies

•  Method Development

•  Multi-Vendor Integration

•  Installation

•  Financing

How do we start?

It’s easy.
Our team is standing by, ready to start a dialogue. Request a discovery call and we can help determine the best path forward for you and your team.

Quantum resources


X-ray microscopy is a nondestructive technique that generates an image of the internal features of the examined materials.

Beyond instrumentation

Seamless integration of multi-vendor systems by specialized technical personnel. Customized application development for your particular testing needs. Access to factory-trained service engineers when and where you need them. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your lab stays up-and-running.

Our Partners. Your Success.

Clients enjoy working with us because of our distribution partnerships with best-in-class instrumentation manufacturers.