About Quantum Analytics

We are a value-added distributer of analytical instrumentation. We help you expand the boundaries of your science.

We’re experts

Our extensive analytical instrumentation expertise enables us to address your unique challenges and build a cohesive plan for success.


We identify the right analytical instruments and sample prep solutions to complete your application.


Our application team addresses any gaps in your workflow by deploying technical services.


Finally, we make sure your team enjoys maximum uptime (and enjoyment) from your investment.


• GC & GC/MS Systems

• Thermal Desorption

• Pyrolysis

• Benchtop XRF and XRD

• X-Ray Microscopy

• Optical Emission Spectroscopy

• Organic (CHNSO) & Inorganic

• Elemental Analysis

• TOC & Water Analysis

• N/Protein Analysis


• Benchtop FTIR and FTNIR

• FTIR & Raman Microscopy

• Real-Time Process FTIR & FTNIR

Addressing your application


•  Application Reviews

•  Feasibility Studies

•  Method Development

•  Multi-Vendor Integration

•  Installation

•  Financing

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