Training Programs & Learning Services

Training is one of the best investments you can make to help ensure you maximize the lifetime of your instrumentation. Offering training programs and professional development opportunities is key to reducing turnover and retaining qualified and happy personnel.

Quantum Analytics can help you train your instrument users so they can safely and effectively perform their tasks.

Training Programs

Looking for a quick and efficient training solution for your staff?

We offer training programs designed for both beginner and advanced users. Our programs cover training topics, including gas chromatography, pyrolysis-GC/MS, GC/MS and more. Let our applications team work with you to design a training program that meets the specific needs of your team.

Customized Training

Sometimes a custom training program is the best fit.

Depending on the size and skill-levels of your team, our training experts will work with you to design a training track that addresses your team’s particular needs. Contact us today to learn more about building a customized training program for your team.

Ensure your team has the skills to operate and maintain specific analytical instrumentation with confidence.

Our training programs are designed to help lab personnel increase their analytical instrumentation skillsets. Our training programs are designed to be tailored to each team’s unique needs and skill-levels, and cover a wide range of topics, including instrumentation operation, background theory, general maintenance, application development, and more.

Don’t let training become an afterthought. Skill-up your team today.