Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

The Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer is ideal for everything from routine quality control to advanced research and regulation compliance.

The Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer is made to innovate from routine quality control to advanced research and development. Whether you focus on productivity, precision or if you must comply to extensive regulations, the INVENIO supports you in every regard. The INVENIO’s touchscreen PC (optional) provides an intuitive user interface and smart connectivity features. Measure in the lab, evaluate from your office – all without cables or manual data transfer. Predefined workflows minimize operator effort to a few interactions, while functionality is kept uncompromised. From basic QC/QA to demanding research applications, no matter if you are utilizing a standard ATR unit, a special multi-angle reflection unit or an imaging microscope. You can count on a straightforward analysis and optimal measurement results.

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bruker invenio ftir

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  • Permanently aligned and wear-free RockSolid™ interferometer
  • Integrated Touch-PC option with dedicated OPUSTOUCH software for productive IR-analysis
  • OPUS is the ideal software solution for vibrational spectroscopy – precise, structured, secure
  • Integrated ATR accessory for easy cleaning (optional)
  • Transit™ channel: Second sample compartment for the parallel availability of two experimental setups
  • Electronic recognition and monitoring of all accessories and central components
  • Automated instrument tests (OQ/PQ) and complete compliance to pharma regulations
  • Innovative 5x MultiTect™ detector technology
  • User exchangeable DigiTect™ detector slot
  • In-field upgrade for near IR, far IR and UV/VIS spectral ranges
  • Sealed and desiccated optics bench, optionally purgeable
  • BRUKER FM technology covering 6000 to 80 cm-1 in one single measurement
  • Superior Rapid Scan, Slow Scan and Step Scan performance for modulated and time resolved spectroscopy
  • 3 exit and 2 input beam ports software selectable Footprint optimized for laboratory benches
  • Part of Bruker’s portfolio of FTIR Research Spectrometers. Click here to learn more about the Bruker VERTEX 70v and VERTEX 80v.
bruker invenio ftir

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Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

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Bruker INVENIO – Discover why its is the productive partner in routine or contract laboratories as well as in R&D departments.

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Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

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bruker invenio ftir

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Bruker INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

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