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Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR

The Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR delivers the highest available optical throughput in a monolithic diamond ATR accessory.
The MicromATR Vision provides the highest available performance in an Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy accessory. It offers a very flexible platform with many sample interface crystal options, FT-IR spectrometer interfaces, and pressure applicators. The small diameter of the ATR crystal allows the analysis of a broad range of samples, from macro to micro. ATR sampling with the MicromATR Vision is fast and easy. Smooth operation of the torque knob delivers high and even pressure onto the sample ensuring high quality ATR spectra from even the most difficult samples. The hardness and chemical resistivity of the diamond internal reflection element enables the analysis of hard samples, abrasives, and corrosives. The MicromATR Vision accessory mounts into the sample compartment of most FT-IR instruments – no alignment is necessary.
RedWave MicromATR high-performance ATR

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  • High efficiency, cost effective diamond ATR accessory
  • Fully integrated sample viewing and image capture, storage, and documentation
  • Broad range of ATR crystal plates – multireflection, specialized materials – including other manufacturers’ ATR Sampling Disks
  • Versatile macro and micro ATR sampling
  • Complete mid-IR and far-IR spectral range, limited only by spectrometer optics
  • Kinematic mounted ATR sampling plates – optimal position every time
  • Compact optical design, small purge volume
  • Interfaces with most FT-IR instruments
  • Non-viewing version also available
RedWave MicromATR high-performance ATR

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Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR

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The MicromATR is a FTIR Microspectroscopy accessory that mounts into the sample compartment of most FTIR instruments – no alignment is necessary.

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Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR

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RedWave MicromATR high-performance ATR

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Czitek MicromATR high-performance ATR

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