iq mill-2070 cryogenic milling

Discover the IQ Mill-2070 Cryogenic Mill

By: Rojin Belganeh, Technical Director, Frontier Laboratories North America

Sample pre-treatment, such as grinding samples into fine powders, is time-consuming and labor-intensive without a suitable and reliable grinding mill. Analytical laboratories are usually in pursuit of compact bench-top grinding mills with powerful and shear-crushing capabilities.

Unfortunately, traditional sample preparation devices often suffer from poor uniform grinding while requiring a large amount of liquid nitrogen and loud noise during continuous grinding for several minutes.

Introducing the Frontier Cryogenic Mill – the Frontier IQ Mill-2070. The Frontier IQ Mill-2070 is an intelligent quick-mill grinding device that pulverizes, crushes, stirs, and disperses polymer materials. Because of its patented and unique design of a highly elastic belt with 3-dimensional figure-8 motion, uniform and fine grinding is achieved only in a few minutes. Ultra-fine particles of tens to hundreds of microns can be obtained with IQ Mill-2070, even for hard-to-grind polymers. This technology grinds and homogeneously mixes many polymers and biological samples, such as animals and plants.

IQ Mill-2070 Cryo-Mill


How does the IQ Mill-2070 operate?

Unlike other grinding mills that use reciprocating motion, IQ Mill-2070 grinding balls revolve and rotate in a 3D-figure-8 motion upwards and downwards at a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm. The sample is pulverized in the sample container by the grinding balls moving up and down. The sample is repeatedly subjected to the external forces of compression, impact, and shear by the grinding balls inside the sample container and thus pulverized in a very short period of time.

IQ Mill-2070 can also be used with significantly lower consumption of liquid nitrogen for cryo-milling. The cryogenic mill with this technology thoroughly cools the sample, the sample container, the crushing ball, and the insulation container. This device can mill up to three samples simultaneously in the same program.


Why choose the IQ Mill-2070 cryogenic mill?

It is simple and easy to operate: The required settings are only grinding speed, grinding time, number of cycles, and waiting time. You can set the parameters with the rotary knob and touch panel.

It delivers fast and efficient grinding: the patented high-speed 3D figure-8 grinding method enables uniform and fine grinding in just a few minutes.

Offers both room temperature and cryogenic grinding: In addition to room temperature grinding capabilities, this device includes a liquid nitrogen cooling kit for cryo-milling. Unlike other cryogenic grinders, the IQ Mill-2070 minimum liquid nitrogen consumption is only about 300 mL for energy saving.

Compact bench-top & quiet: Width 270 mmxDepth 340 mmxHeight 300 mm (mm), 12 kg. No anti-vibrating base plate is needed.

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Discover the IQ Mill-2070 Cryogenic Mill

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Discover the IQ Mill-2070 Cryogenic Mill

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iq mill-2070 cryogenic milling