The Bruker LUMOS II FT-IR microscope delivers peak performance, easy sampling and an intuitive user experience.
The LUMOS II delivers excellent results in transmission and reflection measurements.

The LUMOS II is a stand-alone FT-IR microscope that excels in failure analysis, material research and particle analysis. It is compact, precise and features ultrafast chemical imaging by FPA technology.

The Anywhere / Anyone FTIR Microscope

We believe that it is high time to make advanced techniques available to every user, regardless of their skill level. The benefits of FT-IR imaging and microscopy are too great to restrict access by cumbersome hard- and software.

From the start the LUMOS II was meant to make FT-IR imaging faster, easier, more accurate and reliable – and even more fun. Of course, this required us to include new and improve upon proven technology.

That’s why we tailored the LUMOS II, its software and user interface specifically to the user. Beginners get perfect results in no time, while experts maintain total instrument control.

Superior µ-ATR FT-IR Capabilities

Whether it is transmission, reflection or attenuated total reflectance (ATR), the LUMOS II is always the right choice. But its greatest strength is ATR microscopy enhanced by FPA technology. This makes the LUMOS II a universal tool for failure analysis and product development.

To cut a long story short, its ATR capabilities are unsurpassed. Period. Don‘t settle for unreliable, manual ATR accessories – get the best. Get the LUMOS.

The retractable crystal is controlled by high precision piezoelectrical motors and integrated into the lens. This allows you to enjoy a clear view of the sample while your measurement still takes place exactly where you want it.

Convincing Innovation

For us it is a natural thing to pass on the best technology to our customers. Of course, this also applies to the LUMOS II.

The RockSolidTM interferometer guarantees constant performance, while modern electronics ensure mechanical precision and low energy consumption. Meanwhile, the software monitors instrument effectiveness and always ensures correct functionality.

Features of the Bruker LUMOS II Microscope:

  • Standard TE-MCT detector
  • Plug & Play: no liquid nitrogen, no dry-air purge
  • Optional FPA-imaging detector
  • Novel PermaSure+ calibration technology
  • Fully motorized and automated hardware
  • Accomodates samples of up to 40 mm in height
  • Long lifetime of components including laser
  • Inert to high humidity (ZnSe Optics)
  • Stand-alone design, small footprint
  • Low power consumption

What does the Bruker LUMOS II Microscope provide the user?

  • Ease-of-use by software guided measurements
  • High-definition spectral and visual data
  • High IR sensitivity without liquid nitrogen
  • Visual resolution in the sub micrometer range
  • Ultrafast FPA imaging performance
  • FPA imaging ATR/transmission/reflection
  • Easy access to the sample stage
  • Compliance to cGMP and FDA 21 CFR p11
  • Automated OQ/PQ/pharmacopeia tests
  • Anytime upgradeability

What are some ideal applications for the Bruker LUMOS II Microscope?

  • Failure analysis
  • Particle & surface analysis
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Forensic science
  • Life science
  • Polymers & plastics
  • Environmental science
  • Pharmaceuticals

Learn more about the Bruker LUMOS II Microscope or request pricing info.

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